FoCuSeD™ Introductory Facilitation Skills

This class teaches the skills necessary to facilitate a workshop / meeting and sets the foundation for your group facilitation skills.


FoCuSeD™ Facilitating People and Conflict

This class continues the People Skills portion of your journey by teaching you “how to” deal with difficult people and help them become productive contributors.


FoCuSeD™ Holistic Facilitation Process Design - Problem-Solving

This class continues the Process Skills portion of your journey by teaching you “how to” define the seamless integration of process and group dynamics. This also provides you a number of Problem-Solving agendas along with a number of process tools.


FoCuSeD™ Facilitation 2-Course Bundle Pack

10% off when purchasing course 1 and 2 together.


FoCuSeD™ Facilitation 3-Course Bundle Pack

$50 off when purchasing all 3 courses together.


Brainstorming Done Right

Learn how Brainstorming was meant to be done as Alex Osborn originally described it.