FoCuSeD™ Introductory Facilitation Skills

Taught by: Gary Rush

Course Description

“Our classes will give you the skills to work with a group of people to produce better results.”

The future requires a collaborative skill-set. I’ve been reading about automation, technology, robotics, AI, big data, etc., and I find these emerging trends interesting and useful, but what does this mean for future jobs?  Read more...

Until FoCuSeD™, facilitation techniques have been either about "process" or "people" skills. FoCuSeD™ contains a unique concept for developing structured agendas with an understanding of the two parallel developments occurring, "the workshop/meeting process and the emotional group cycle", that must be holistically planned to achieve collaborative useful solutions - the ultimate structured facilitation technique. It is not sufficient to select an agenda and then insert exercises in different steps and hope that it works. Read more...

This class is self paced learning covering skills that supplement your job skills and gives you effective leadership, business, and interpersonal skills that build your confidence and enhance your ability to be successful - collectively, they cover the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Core Facilitator Competencies and what students need to learn to achieve them, enabling those people who wish to purpose their IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator (CPF) designation. See IAF Certified™ Professional Faciltator | Overview.

Students receive a PDF book - FoCuSeD™ Introductory Facilitation Skills - designed for reference that you can use throughout your career along with  a digital class Certificate of Completion and a badge that you can share.

This class teaches the skills necessary to facilitate a workshop / meeting and sets the foundation for your group facilitation skills. It covers:

  • What is facilitation and when is it used.
  • What do facilitators do?
  • “How to” present yourself effectively.
  • “How to” actively listen.
  • “How to” ask effective questions.
  • “How to” improve your communication.
  • Neutrality - staying focused on the process.

See class Objectives – online course description

Gary Rush

Gary Rush


About the Instructor

"Gary Rush, IAF CPF, Leader in Structured Facilitation | Leading Facilitator Trainer"

Gary Rush, IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator (CPF)is Founder & CEO of MGRconsultingOver the past 30+ years he has been a leading Group Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer.  He is the only person, still working, to create his own facilitation techniques - FAST and FoCuSeD™ a revolution from FAST - a unique approach to structured facilitation.  He has trained thousands of people from more than 18 countries, and has delivered his structured facilitation class in 8 countries within North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  His alumni have gone on to become CEOs and CIOs, crediting their success to the people and process skills gained in his Facilitator training classes.

"Training more Facilitators worldwide in structured facilitation than just about anyone else."

He coaches individuals helping them grow their skills, improve their performance, and achieve their professional goals.  He has written numerous "how to" books along with "The FoCuSeD™ Facilitator Guide" - a comprehensive reference manual, provided to students of his FoCuSeD™ Facilitator class.

"Influencing thousands of companies because of the consulting firms that he trained who use Group Facilitation with their clients."

Gary has facilitated significant workshops. He is an IAF CPF Assessor and former IAF Chair. He also formed and led the IAF Chicago Chapter -  the 2nd IAF Chapter to be established in the U.S. He attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and holds a BS in English Literature.logo

"He continuous to be the leading edge in the industry by continuing as a practicing Group Facilitator."

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What's included

10 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Survey
2 PDFs
5.0 hrs

Course Curriculum Mind Map

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Roles
Lesson 2 - Preparation
Lesson 3 - The Workshop
Lesson 4 - Follow Up & Brainteasers
Lesson 5 - Foundational Skills
Lesson 6 - Communication Skills

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